Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it cost to enter the Construction Computing Awards?
A. There is no charge to enter the Awards.

Q. How many Companies can I nominate?
A. You can nominate as many Companies as you wish.

Q. What are the different types of Categories?
A. We have 2 types of categories, our Project categories that require a written submission and are decided by our judging panel, and our product categories, where the winner is decided by an online public vote.

Q. Can I nominate a company in more than 1 category?
A. Yes, as long as it's relevant you can nominate a company in as many categories as you wish.

Q. Can I nominate 2 products from the same company in 1 category?
A. No. You can only enter 1 product from the same company in a category. You can nominate different products in the same category as long as they are from different companies.

Q. How are the Finalists drawn up?
A. In the Public voting categories the companies with the most nominations in each category will go through to the finals. In the Project categories the panel will select the finalists from the entries submitted.

Q. How many companies can I vote for?
A. You can vote for 1 company in each category. You can only vote once, multiple votes will be recorded so we can identify any abuses but they will not be counted. Votes must come from a valid business email, not a free email such as hotmail, gmail etc. This is to stop multiple voting. If multiple voting abuses occur we reserve the right to disqualify any company(s) that may have benefited from those votes.

Q. Can we offer an incentive for people to vote for us?
A. No. Incentivised voting of any form, either directly in the form of a straight reward for voting, or indirectly in the form of “a chance to win” or “free entry into a competition to win” is not allowed. Any company identified of offering incentives may be disqualified.

Q. Can I have the details of the people that voted for me?
A. No. We never reveal any details of any of the people that vote or nominate in the awards. This is to protect their data and ensure people can vote for who they really want to.

Q. Why do you record my email and IP Addresses?
A. These are just part of the measures we have in place to ensure voting is fair and to strip out multiple voting.

Q. Do you confirm my vote/nomination has been recorded?
A. Yes, as part of our verification each vote cast generates an automatic email reply detailing what companies were voted for. If that email fails/bounces back the vote is disregarded. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, please call us.

Q. I want to enter a project category, what should I do?
A. Project entries should be sent in PDF format, be of no more than 1500 words and up to 3 images and be clearly marked with the Category you wish to enter, the name of all companies involved and a contact person the panel can refer to should they need more information/clarification. Entries should be sent to awards@btc.co.uk

Q. When do I find out if we have made the finals?
A. The finalists will be announced on the 18th September 2024.

Q. When do I find out if we have won?
A. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 7th November 2024, and listed afterwards on our website and in the winner's issue of Construction Computing Magazine out early December.

Q. Do we have to attend the awards dinner?
A. No, attendance is by no means compulsory. Every year we have competing and winning companies that are unfortunately unable to attend for various reasons. In the event of your company winning and you not being present your apologies are passed on to the room and your award will be sent to you after the event, free of all costs.

Q. Why do you have an awards dinner?
A. We believe that making it to the finals and possibly winning an award deserves to be celebrated. The awards ceremony is a fantastic chance for companies to treat clients, thank staff and celebrate their success in a fun atmosphere, whilst also creating an ideal environment for networking. Over the past 17 years the awards have for many become "the leading industry night out" and we are working hard to make sure we maintain that honour.

Q. What does it cost to attend the awards dinner?
A standard table for 10 people is £3,750+vat, a Champagne Table is £4200+vat. Both tables come with 5 bottles of wine, water and of course a 3 course meal and coffee. In addition Champagne tables have 5 bottles of Champagne, receive priority service and are seated closer to the stage. If you can't get 10 people together, Standard half tables for 5 people are available for £1900+vat, or, if you are really struggling standard tickets for 2 people are £798 ex vat

Q. What happens at the awards dinner?
A. The evening starts at 7.15pm with a Champagne reception, before dinner is served at 8pm. We then are entertained by this year's comedian, (details to be announced soon) before the awards ceremony commences. For those on a tight time schedule, the awards ceremony normally finishes around 10.30pm at which point the bar and DJ are called upon! Carriages are at 1am. The awards ceremony is a black tie event.

Q. What happens about tickets?
A. We will email an eticket to the person that makes the booking with us from your party approx 1 week prior to the evening. This can then be forwarded onto all other guests, and can be printed out to bring on the evening.

Q. We would like to sit next to a certain company on the evening, is that possible?
A. As long as they are happy to sit next to you! We will endeavour to accommodate all seating requests where physically possible.

Q. Some of my party are vegetarian or have food allergies – can you help?
A. No problem, just make sure you let us know 10 days in advance and we will make sure your guests are looked after with any dietary requests. But please remember to tell us 10 days before, that's really important.

Q. I have more questions that aren't answered here.
A. Sorry this page couldn't help, but please call or email us and we will be only happy to answer any questions you have.

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