The Construction Computing Awards 2022 Categories

Innovation of the Year 2022

Which hardware or software product are you involved with which you feel will most benefit the construction industry? What product do you supply is most advanced in its operation, and which can effectively be described as an innovator? What makes it unique, what savings does it offer in or time, money or both, or does it just solve a problem that’s not been dealt with before? Tell us about it in approx. 1500 words with accompanying images if needed. Entries in PDF format please.

One to Watch Company 2022

We are looking here for companies who feel they are pushing the boundaries of the construction industry forward, or who feel they are offering solutions for some of the most pressing issues within the construction industry. Entrants can be new or relaunched companies bringing to the market a new product, technology or service.Tell us the story in approx. 1500 words with accompanying images if needed. Entries in PDF format please.

Best Use of Digital Technology in a Construction Project 2022

Which project have you been involved in this year that shows how the information created using BIM facilitated the progress of the project and describehow data was shared between each of the contractors and the different technologies involved? Describe the project in 1500 words, with 2 images and include any figures you feel relevant. Entries in PDF format please.

Best Use of Digital Technology in an Infrastructure Project 2022

Which Infrastructure projects have your company been involved in this year that you feel deserves recognition? Tell us the client, the nature and size of the project, and the benefits that the sharing of information with project members using different technologies that BIM provided. Supporting evidence is welcomed by the Panel. Entries in PDF format please, 1500 words max and 2 supporting images if required.

BIM Project of the Year 2022

Which BIM project have you been involved within the last year that utilized Building Information Modelling or ran Digital Twins most effectively tofurther the aims and development of a project and aid collaboration between project members, construction teams,sub-contractors and suppliers – or whichhas been instrumental in reducing project costs – the original aim of BIM? Entries again in PDF format up to 1500 words and with accompanying illustrations.

Collaboration Project of the Year 2022

Which project have you been involved in this year that really demonstrates the advantages of collaborative working? Describe challenges that have been successfully overcome using collaborative technology - which may or may not include BIM -butwhich could focus on resource planning, scheduling or asset management? Tell us the project and the story in 1500 words, with 2 images and include any figures you feel relevant. Entries in PDF format please.

Cloud Based Technology of the Year 2022

Which application or software do you feel has captured the essence of the Cloud and advances the benefits of centrally hosted software applications? Which demonstrates its flexibility, security and cost effectiveness whilst providing a comprehensive solution for large or small enterprises? To enter, send us 1500 words in pdf format with 2 images if required, detailing why you think the product should win.

AR/VR Project of the Year 2022

Which project have you been involved in this year which you feel best uses augmented or virtual reality tools to develop or monitorconstruction projects? Does your project work at the forefront of these technologies? Please provide a 1500 word PDF to describe it, with accompanying illustrations.

Sustainability Project of the Year 2022

Which projects have allowed us to meet today’s construction and Infrastructure needs whilst protecting the planet and its natural resources for tomorrow’s generation? This may be demonstrated by a commitment to use the most up-to-date sustainable construction methods and materials, or a design that incorporates zero-carbon technologies, or that uses efficient water management solutions? This category also includes projects that facilitate easy and sustainable decommissioning at the end of life orthat use sustainable materials throughout its life cycle, or that include wildlife protection and other biodiversity schemes. PDF entries please 1500 words and 3 supporting images if required.

Team of the Year 2022

This award is aimed at celebrating the achievements of teams who have been able to adapt and work together effectively. Entries are welcome from all sectors and from teams working across different organisations. It could be a customer service team who ensured customers were still looked after and retained or an implementation team installing and training under new and challenging circumstances or the company as a whole, adapting and pulling together and developing as circumstances changed. Whatever the story, we want to hear it. Entries in pdf format of 1500 words please.

Construction Management Software of the Year 2022

Which application provides the most comprehensive tools for managing construction projects, using a range of tools and technologies to survey and model the progress of a construction project and to compare it with its digital counterpart? Which application most effectively utilizes the benefits of Digital Twins. Demonstrate the above with a 1500-word PDF, complete with illustrations?

Digital Health and Safety Software of the Year 2022

The last two years have seen an increased focus on Health and Safety and working practices in the construction industry?Which software provides quick and easy access to up-to-date documentation and training for construction workers, facilitates compliance, and which enablesincidents to be quickly reported, documented and archived for subsequent analysis?Please provide 1500 word PDFs describing the application of project.

BIM Software of the Year 2022

Which BIM software, in any category, do you think has advanced BIM technology and working practices, and both demonstrated and delivered the benefits of enhanced collaboration on projects for your company?

Architectural Design Software of the Year 2022

Focusing on design software as opposed to collaboration or BIM, which product allows for ease of use, creative design, has a good range of tools, integrates easily with other programs, and is cost effective, easy to use and provided with the best levels of software support from the developer or provider?

Collaboration Product of the Year 2022

Which product do you think best facilitates collaboration between technologies and partners in construction partners, perhaps introducing innovative practices and improved ways of sharing project information?

Document and Content Product of the Year 2022

Which application offers complete management of documentary and associated information withina project ororganization,providing fast, and accurate access to project data in a well-presented format and for multiple datastreams, and which is secure and easy to use?

ERP Software of the Year 2022

Which application do you think best encapsulates Enterprise Resource Planning in the construction industry, integrating core construction and business processes, to collect, store, manage and interpret data from these each of these activities?

Project Management Software of the Year 2022

Which application provides the most effective solution for managing the resources and work processes of a construction project, taking it from design to completion, and facilitating adherence to budgets and schedules, engineering and design changes, and, perhaps using 4D and 5D simulation technologies?

Construction Accounting Software of the Year 2022

Which accounting product allows multiple projects to be managed, with full tracking of schedules, budgets and costs, unlimited invoicing, and clear reporting, supports attachments andis flexible to set up and operate?

Estimation and Valuation Product of the Year 2022

Which application do you feel provides the most comprehensive and effective estimation and valuation tools, enabling you to more accurately calculate costs and risks associated withprojects, maintenance contracts or lump sum projects?

Construction Financial Management Suite of the Year 2022

Which Company do you think provides the most comprehensive set of Construction Financial Management tools which encompass all elements of a construction project –from Planning which incorporates bidding and tendering, to Build covering Cost and Site Management and leading up toFacilities Management and Asset maintenance.Which software has helped you mitigate project risks, boost field team productivity and control labour costs?

Asset Management Software of the Year 2022

Which application or product do you feel has contributed most to the development of asset or facilities management? Which asset management product makes best use of data supplied by the client of building project contractors?

Structural Engineering Application of the Year 2022

Whether working in Steel, concrete or other materials, the use of BIM provides efficiencies in both the design and construction phases of a project, facilitating the growth of pre-fabrication and modular technology – two significant emerging trends. Which product exemplifies a proper commitment to current methods and future practices, using the latest technology to drive structural technologies forward?

GIS/Mapping Product of the Year 2022

Which GIS or Mapping application product have you used over the last year, and which has impressed you most? Which application, do you think, has demonstrated a commitment to supporting architects, infrastructure engineers, land developers and other members of the construction industry?

Mobile Technology of the Year 2022

Mobile technologies are now generic devices, used throughout the industry, now distinguishable only through the Field Applications with they have been tasked. Which products – hardware and software - have advanced the use of mobile technology over the last year, providing innovative solutions to on-site inspections and construction processes?

Channel Partner of the Year 2022

Which distributor of construction software and construction related hardware products has done most to advance the development of their markets by supporting the interests and development of their clients and their customers, with supportive installation and ongoing training?

Construction Software Product of the Year 2022

Which Construction software product, in any category, do you feel is making the biggest contribution to the development of the industry. Which application do you feel has made most impact on your own company’s efficiency and working practices?

Editor’s Choice of 2022

The entries for this category will be chosen by the editor of Construction Computing Magazine.

Product of the Year 2022

Overall, which product has impressed you most over the past 12 months? Which hardware or software product do you think will make the most impact on the way the industry works – either through enhancing creativity or working practices, enhancing efficiencies, or as a tool for improving building methods and management?

Company of the Year 2022

Overall, which company has impressed you most over the past 12 months, either through innovative product developments, or through the support they have provided to clients, users or staff. Or perhaps they have funded or supported a particular association, charity or piece or research that has caught your eye.

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