Construction Computing Awards 2020 Winners

Never has the ancient Chinese saying – ‘May you live in interesting times’ been more appropriate. Well, 2020 has certainly been that. It is to the credit of everybody in the construction industry that we have continued to function well in the most difficult of circumstances, from the foul weather at the beginning of the year, through the uncertainties of Brexit, and during the trials of lockdowns, social distancing, furlough and other constraints on our working practices that forced companies to restructure their operations, and employees to adapt to shifting rules and health and safety practices.

It is quite remarkable how the industry has adapted to the need to Work from Home, the switch from annual ‘get-togethers’ to Teams and Zoom meetings, and the enthusiasm that software developers and marketeers have shown in hosting on-line press briefings, product courses and training sessions. With the growth in social media, it was probably inevitable, anyway, but we have seen six to ten years of evolution in the industry shoe-horned into just six months.

It has also been really gratifying to see the response to this year's Construction Computing Awards, where people have taken time out of their restructured schedules to vote for companies and products in the various categories that they believe have helped to drive the industry forward. Below are this year’s winners in each of the different categories and huge congratulations go to you all. Thanks to everyone who contributed, both to our entrants in each of the categories, and those of you who voted. Whatever 2021 brings us, I am sure we can rise to the challenge and hope very much we can all meet and discuss things in person at next year’s awards on 11th November.

Innovation of The Year

One to Watch Company of The Year

BIM Project of The Year

Collaboration Project of The Year

Cloud Based Technology of the Year

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Project of the Year

Construction Management Software of the Year

Health and Safety Software of the Year

BIM Product of the Year

Architectural Design Software of the Year

Collaboration Product of the Year

Document and Content Management Product of the Year

ERP Software of the Year

Project Management Software of the Year

Project Accounting Software of the Year

Estimation & Valuation Product of the Year

Construction Financial Management Software of the Year

Construction Software Product of the Year

Asset Management Software of the Year

Structural Engineering Software of the Year

GIS/Mapping Product of the Year

Mobile Application of the Year

Channel Partner of the Year

Editor's Choice

Product of the Year

Company of the Year

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