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IFS provides integrated business software solutions to manage both the build and maintenance phase of an asset's life. The solution is being used on many asset types including: Infrastructure, Buildings, Energy, Utilities, Mining, Plants and by companies such as Clancy Docwra, Babcock, Brierty, BWSC, MWH and Graham.

The IFS solution has a world-class project lifecycle (PLM) and asset management solution (EAM) and service management elements – a combination rarely found in one integrated software solution. If you also have an offsite manufacturing facility, then IFS can provide a project-based manufacturing solution for this business unit as well. All of the above main business processes are integrated with a common set of supporting modules including finance, human resources, document management, procurement, supply chain and subcontract management, quality and health and safety, plant and equipment hire and rental. IFS understands the importance of cost control through all stages of the asset’s life.

The trend in the industry is to move to a TOTEX model (Capex + Opex). IFS has one integrated solution that covers the management of capital projects, and the operations and maintenance of the asset. This makes the management of TOTEX very simple with one set of numbers. The world-class project cost control solution allows monthly project cost reviews to be managed in an integrated way without the need to use lots of Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. It supports both a work and cost breakdown structure model.

For further information please contact : 01494 4280 900 or info@ifsworld.com or http://www.ifsworld.com/uk/industries/engineering-construction-infrastructure/

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Asite's cloud technology gives everyone involved in construction projects access to key information online. It allows for increased collaboration, fewer mistakes, reduced rework, and time and cost savings. Asite's Adoddle platform allows firms to store and manage all project data in one central and secure repository. It also enables customers to fully customize the structure of their content with highly controlled access and rich configurable workflows to allow project controls. The Adoddle platform is used by leading architecture, engineering and construction firms as well as property owners worldwide to manage their largest and most demanding capital investment programs.

Adoddle helps people manage their projects and supply chains collaboratively, accessing the information they need, when and where they need it. It enables AECO companies to measure and track capital projects and asset operations.

Asite was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in London's Tech City in the UK, with North American operations based in New York, and regional offices in Australia, India and South Africa. For more information, please visit www.asite.com

Asite are proud Champagne Sponsors of this years Construction Computing awards for the third year running. The Asite team are hoping to build on last years double award winning success! For more information head to; www.asite.com, follow us on twitter @Asite or click here to view our Adoddle video http://youtu.be/5_uYAJvb2rk


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